Strophe.j -- An Objective-J Wrapper for strophe.js

As I evaluated Cappuccino as our potential next step to move parts of our UI from Flex (the parts that are not necessarily well-suited to Flex's strengths), I was in charge of assembling some quick prototype code to show how Cappuccino would work for us. Since a part of our app is XMPP communications and publish-subscribe, I started writing a simple wrapper to the strophe.js Javascript Jabber library. It implements Jabber using BOSH, which uses long-lived (usually 60-second) AJAX requests to maintain a Jabber connection, instead of an always-on TCP connection to a port (which browsers currently cannot do).

 Strophe.j is this wrapper, and it's available on github at . It provides a very basic implementation of the current user, a connection, and basic MUC support. It has some stubs for handling rosters, though they aren't implemented, and it pulls in jquery (for parsing the Jabber XML when needed). It's in the early stages, and my work on it is likely to be sporadic, since our ultimate decision was to go with GWT... But I kind of fell in love with Objective-J, so I won't be going anywhere anytime soon.