I'm Caving...

Slowly but surely, I'm caving to OS X. I mean, I have principles, right: I run Kubuntu on my Lenovo X60 tablet, and I run OpenSUSE
(11.0, soon 11.1, natch) on my desktop. But recently I had an encounter with a dual-monitor Mac Pro at work, where I've been doing most of my work.
I hate fanboyism, really. But damn, OS X looks sexy. KDE 4 is slowly getting there, of course. It's been looking more sexy every week since it was released (at least if you follow SVN). But... Damn, OS X looks sexy. There's no two ways about it. So I find myself caving. Sometime soon, when I start my new job, I can ask for a new laptop from the company (of course, it will stay with the company if and when I decide to leave). And I am seriously considering asking for a Macbook Pro instead of a Lenovo X200 tablet. Sure, the Lenovo is a tablet (which I have found to be quite useful), and sure the documentation says it's got an estimated battery life of 10 hours (!!!). But... Damn, OS X looks sexy.
I'm a coder, right. So I spend a lot of my time reading text, be it code or blog posts. And the thing that most stands out for me about OS X is those damn awesome fonts. They just look great. It's kind of like being used to Word docs and then looking at LaTeX for the first time. Your eyes kind of burst out in song, y'know? In case you're thinking `oh, but that's not reason enough to switch'... Well, it can be.
I'm also getting tired of tinkering. I mean, I love tinkering, but I'm getting tired of tinkering with my OS. I'm sort of sick of my laptop
occasionally deciding to stop accepting my mouse (when someone decides to blacklist the ohci driver) or deciding not to go to sleep. I'm annoyed by the fact that my darn nvidia card in my desktop still won't play nice with KDE 4 (by the way, I have no illusions about where the blame lies: nvidia, your drivers kick ass, but clearly they still need some work).
So my current plan is this: ask for a Macbook Pro for work. This will be my work computer, and it will work flawlessly and all that.
Meantime, I'll slowly be upgrading my home desktop. It's going to stick to dual-booting Windows and Linux, and that way I have all three environments to toy with. In particular, my recently-acquired copy of Crysis Warhead will be played on a newly-tricked-out desktop. It'll be on Vista, but that's acceptable just for playing a game. And I will continue to use KDE 4 to code on the desktop. I'm looking forward to KDE's continued development in the direction of awesome, so I definitely want to keep an eye on it. I'm even considering starting to contribute to KDevelop.
Anyway, notice that TextMate is not important in my evaluations of whether to switch to a Mac or not. Vim all the way, baby. That, and some NetBeans goodness (with the jVi plugin) when necessary, should do the trick.
Oh, and that piece of crap called FlexBuilder, of course..

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Man, you must've said "OS X is sexy" at least three times. But I concur.

Linux is a great env for programmers but I just find that OS X has much more support with Unix usage. In addition, I'm not the tinkering type, and I'm not obsessive about having everything under my control (which in my experience, Linux users tend to like).

Have fun :)

Yeah, and OS X is a perfectly fine environment for programmers. With MacPorts you get a ton of free software available to you, and you can still have UI bliss.

And yes, it's true that Linuxers tend to like everything under their control, but often if you hunt hard enough, you have that in OS X, too. For example, the other day, in order to fix a little problem I caused, I killed the window manager. Worked just like in Linux, and brought me back to the login screen. Just because it's been skinned really really well, doesn't mean you can't find the UNIXyness below.