Flash FileReference on Snow Leopard Bug

Yesterday I spent most of the day (ok, all of the day -- including sleep, total time on the bug was 24 hours) debugging an issue where parts of our app would stop responding to mouse move, over, and out events. After a lot of investigation assuming it was in the code, this article was discovered:


Basically on Snow Leopard, in a 32-bit browser (most commonly, Firefox), the Flash player's FileReference upload dialog will cause the Flash Player to not respond to mouse moves or hovers until you (most commonly) switch to another application and then back to the browser.

Throwing this out there to hopefully give the above post some more Google juice and such, and for the future reference of myself and others.
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I was slowly going mad until I found this, thanks for posting! did you ever find a solution?
Hey Antonio - thanks for posting about this. I've been waiting for months for Apple (or Adobe) to fix this. I definitely appreciate you trying to bring more attention to it, because for serious software in flash, this is a huge bug.
Yes, it's extraordinarily annoying. It's also slightly ridiculous that they're fixing it in Flash 10, but not in Flash 9.

Just to help you guys a little bit further. There is a small but little dirty trick. Do a ExternalInterface.call() an pop up an alert window of the browser. This will refocus your flash website.

Wow, that's really interesting. Annoying, but at least when you do a FileReference upload you can justify the alert by making it say `your file was uploaded'. Anyone in their right mind would wonder why you were doing that, but it's relevant and avoids the bug.

Cool discovery!

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