Color Profiles in Photoshop vs Flex

For the past few weeks, we've been working on getting a beta version of a Flex app out the door. Our designers, meanwhile, have been coming up with great mockups in Photoshop for what we want the app to look like. The trouble we ran into was that the colors in Photoshop did not match the colors in Flex. i.e., in pulling the colors from Photoshop (in hex) and putting them into Flex, we'd end up with entirely different colors, usually much duller.

I haven't worried about this too much in the last couple of weeks because there was plenty of actual coding to be done, but I've recently started trying to incorporate some style things into Flex, and it started bugging me more and more. I finally got around to doing a Google search for an answer today, and here it is:

Christopher Hayen informs us that the trouble is Photoshop applying color profiles to the images. Once the color profile management is off, we get the right colors. Or so the theory is... I've passed this on to our designer so we can see if we can't equalize our colors a little. If this does fix it, I will be a very happy man, as it will mean a much easier time for me to get the styles implemented, and a much prettier application at the end of the line.